Aerlex Tax Services Marks First Successful Year

2014 was a very busy year for Vicky Boladian. In addition to her continuing role as an attorney and tax specialist at Aerlex Law Group (“ALG”), last January she began welcoming clients at Aerlex Tax Services (“ATS”), where she serves as Chief Executive Officer. ATS now handles many of the tax matters that were formerly performed by the ALG tax department.

Ms. Boladian and her staff at ATS focus on the intricate and often arcane myriad of tax issues that affect business and corporate aviation, including the preparation and submission of sales and use tax exemption applications, aircraft property tax valuations and appeals, federal excise tax calculations and compliance, and federal and state income tax audit representation. Ms. Boladian has an impressive record in pursuing these matters on behalf of Aerlex clients. Since joining the firm in 2008, she has maintained a 100% success rate in securing use tax exemptions and has saved her clients millions of dollars in state and federal tax appeals.

As she observes the first anniversary of ATS’s founding, Ms. Boladian says the transition from one company to two and the ensuing division of duties has gone remarkably well, creating separate but mutually supportive entities, just as she and ALG President Stephen Hofer had envisioned. “The relationship between ATS and ALG functions like a ‘well-oiled machine’,” says Ms. Boladian, “and it definitely works to our clients’ advantage. ATS handles most of the tax-related issues and many of the tax appeals can be resolved at the initial stage with results favorable to the taxpayers. However, if taxing agencies are uncooperative, unreasonable or legally wrong, ALG is ready to take over. In situations like that, there is no need for our clients to look for a lawyer. The Aerlex Law Group is ready and able to provide immediate and expert legal counsel.”

Ms. Boladian continued: “The reverse is true also. ATS is at the service of ALG clients whenever necessary. A perfect example is the field of aircraft acquisitions. Responsible tax planning and a careful analysis of the potential tax consequences should be an integral part of any aircraft purchase. Identifying the tax ramifications of an acquisition should go hand-in-hand with decisions like what aircraft to buy and how to take title. The subjects really should be inseparable.”

Ms. Boladian continues to provide legal services for ALG, counseling clients on tax issues that may arise during whole and fractional aircraft acquisitions as well as advising on the tax implications of aircraft ownership structures. In addition, she represents clients contesting tax matters before the United States Tax Court or California state superior courts.

For more information about Aerlex Tax Services, please contact Vicky Boladian at or 310-392-5200.